Pediatric Urine Bag For Babies And Child

Pediatric Urine Collecting Bag is intended to be used in collecting uncontaminated urine samples from little children. It solves the problems of bacterial contamination when collecting urine samples . Urine bag pediatric facilitates little child urine collection needs which makes the collection process easier .
Product description

Introduction of pediatric bag for kids :

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We supply CE certified urine bag pediatric. There are universal type of urine bag for babies, male type of urine bag baby, and female type of urine bag for child.

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Application of the bag for infant:

Used for infant’s urine drainage and collection.

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Description of disposable pediatric drainage bag:

1. Made of medical grade PE bag, adhesive paper and sponge, latex free bag;

2. Self-adhesive part of the bag coated with anti-allergic, high-quality adhesive;

3. Additional sealing made of anti-allergic foam assures comfort;

4. Transparent film;

5. Size: 100ml, 200ml;

6. Opened side face, adhesive;

7. Thickness: 0.12mm for one layer;

8. Graduated scale to measure urine output accurately.

9. Available in a male and a female version;

10. Packed in individual PE bag.

Instructions of product:

1. This product is made of polyethylene, which is used for collecting urine for children. It is convenient, sanitary, safe and reliable.

2. Before using, first clean the children's urethral orifice, thoroughly Sassafras dry, then it can be used.

3. Tear off the protective paper and apply it to the mouth of the urethra.

4. When the urine in the bag reaches a certain amount, it shall be replaced to prevent leakage.

5.It shall be stored in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas, well ventilated, dry, and cool.

Precautions for the use :

1. For single use only, discard after use.

2. Do not store in direct sunlight, at extreme temperatures or in high humidity.

3. Do not use if package is open or damaged.

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