Silicone Coated Foley Catheter

Silicone coated foley catheter is a medical appliance with natural rubber urethral catheter as the skeleton and medical silicone rubber as the inner and outer layer.
Product description

B-1pediatric foley catheter

B-3 2 way 3 way foley catheter_副本

Silicone coated foley catheter has the characteristics of good physiological compatibility between silicone rubber and human body.

Silicone coated foley catheter also has the characteristics of good strength and low price of natural rubber. It is used in clinic. It can obviously reduce the secretion of human body after implantation.

Question : how often do I need to replace a foley catheter?

Patients with long-term indwelling catheter should not frequently replace urethral catheters.

That is to say, without the physical and chemical characteristics of the catheter itself, frequent replacement is not necessary if there is no sign of infection or obstruction of the catheter. At present, the hospital's conventional practice is that the general latex urethral catheter can be used continuously for seven days, and the silicone urethral catheter can be used continuously for 4 weeks


B-2silicone coated foley catheter_副本C-1foley catheter_副本

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