Pediatric Silicone Foley Catheter

The indwelling time of pediatric silicone foley catheter can be longer than latex foley catheter and so can reduce the hurting to kids.
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C-2 6fr foley catheter1

How to properly plug pediatric silicone foley catheter for children?

1) supine position, separated from the lower limbs.

2) open the catheterization bag and wear sterile gloves.

3) disinfecting the vulva with collateral and iodine.

4) For boys , should open the adhesive prepuce to clean the penile head, lift the penis with his left hand, and hold the catheter 2-3 cm away from the urethral head with tweezers or hands with his right hand; insert the catheter coated with liquid paraffin into the urethral orifice and immediately fix the catheter with his left hand in the urethra at the head of the penis to prevent slipping out; and gently bend the catheter along the urethra physiologically. Into the bladder. For girls, use the left hand to separate the vulva and insert the upper urethral orifice at the vaginal hymen.

5) when the catheter is out of the urine, it just enters the bladder and inserts 2 to 3cm into the bladder.

Caution: avoid injecting urethra into the bladder before injecting the bladder or expanding the air bag to prevent injury of the urethra.



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