All Silicone Foley Catheter

Imported medical silica gel is used to produce all silicone foley catheter. The balloon has good balance and stretchability, and it is safer and more reliable in use.The tube is smooth without bubbles.
Product description

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Use of all silicone foley catheter

Wash hands and remove germs on your hands to prevent infection.

Prepare the following appliances:

1. a cotton bag

2. breathable paper tape

3. plastic bags

4. bedpan

5. normal saline or boiled water

6. iodized disinfectant solution (as needed).


Put the bedpan in the patient's buttocks.

Use hand to separate the labia or retract the foreskin.

Wet the catheter with a cotton twig in normal saline or boiled water. Clean the catheter about one inch (2.5 cm) near the end of the catheter. Use one cotton twig at a time and throw the dirty cotton twig into the prepared plastic.

Check if there is any scab or abnormal drainage or secretion. If yes, please inform the medical staff.

The urethral catheter is fixed in the inner thigh (female patient) or lower abdomen (male patient) by well-shaped patch with breathable adhesive tape. The patch position should be replaced every day to prevent long-term sticking or catheter compression, resulting in skin damage.


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