3 Way Silicone Foley Catheter

Urethral catheter is a kind of catheter which is inserted into the bladder by urethra, fixed in the bladder by balloon, and connected with external drainage tube to collect urine. High environmental 2 way and 3 way silicone foley catheter gradually replaced the original latex catheter.
Product description

C-1foley silicone catheter

Because of the need to be implanted into the human body, the safety of foley catheter is concerned by everyone.

From the aspects of bio-compatibility, urethral irritation, catheter smoothness, crust, infection probability, X-ray imaging, balloon fixation, color transparency of the tube body, catheter length and other parameters comparison, 2 way and 3 way silicone foley catheter performance is significantly better than latex catheter.


A principal to replace silicone coated latex foley catheter -- replacement according to clinical indications


According to this principal, replacement of silicone coated foly catheter is recommended according to clinical indications, such as infection, obstruction, or the opening of closed drainage devices.


If the patient's urine PH > 6.8, change the catheter every two weeks;

If the urine PH < 6.7, change the catheter every four weeks, if there is sediment in the urine, change the catheter every three weeks, can reduce the incidence of catheter-associated bacterial urine and catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

C-4silicone urethral catheter

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