3 Way Foley Catheter

Disposable 3 way foley catheter is used for clinical compression hemostasis, indwelling catheterization, irrigation and bladder irrigation.
Product description

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Material: imported medical silicone rubber or natural latex coated with silicone.


Features: silica gel, good biocompatibility, long term retention in vivo with calibration mark and projection line, it is easy to operate in clinic.


Water injection valve of 3 way foley catheter:

There are two types--soft valve and hard valve.


Question 1 :Before the catheter is used, shall the balloon be checked?

Make sure the balloon does expand and contract before using 2 way or 3 way foley catheter, that is, you shall check if the balloon is damaged. This indicates that the performance of the balloon must be checked before using the catheter.


Question 2: Can a patient with a catheter take a bath?

Patients with urethral catheters can take a shower, but can not use a tub bath and the catheter soaked in water, this will increase the risk of catheter-related infection, 2% chlorhexidine bath water can effectively reduce the risk of infection.

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