2 Way Silicone Foley Catheter

This product is made of silicone rubber. The cytotoxicity of this product is not more than grade 2, and there is no sensitization or mucosal irritation. Ethylene oxide is used for sterilization, and the residual amount of ethylene oxide is not more than 10 ug/g.
Product description

C-2 6fr foley catheter1

Some patients with high paraplegia and cerebral apoplexy often lose lower body consciousness, resulting in bladder outlet obstruction, muscle damage, bladder can not empty. At this point, artificial urination is imperative, catheter from a short-term "traveler" into a patient's long-term "companion". Attention should be paid to the use of catheter. Disinfection and replacement should not be necessary.


Advantages of 3 way and 2 way silicone foley catheter:


Silicone rubber materials have good human compatibility, less damage to urethral mucosa stimulation, effectively reduce urine crystallization and secretion precipitation, will not produce allergic reactions, reduce the incidence of infection;


The balloon wall is thin, symmetrical and strong, and the blasting rate is the lowest. Pure medical silica gel has good lubrication and no water lubrication for urethral stricture patients.


The tube wall is thin and the lumen is large, especially the side holes of the air bladder catheter.


The product is rich in variety, the material texture is soft and hard, suitable elasticity, patients feel more comfortable, can be used in all kinds of catheterization.



C-3silicone urethral catheter1


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