2 Way Foley Catheter

2 way foley catheter is composed of catheter head balloon, tube body, conical interface and catheter valve. Material of double chamber balloon catheter material is silicone or coated silicone except for except for check valve.
Product description

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What is the difference between 2 way foley  catheter and 3 way foley catheter? 

There is one more cavity in 3 way foley catheter to inject directly into the bladder, so there is one more cavity than 2 way foley catheter.

General patients can use 2 way foley catheter, for hematuria patients generally use 3 way foley catheter, because the three-lumen urinary catheter at one end connected with drainage bags, the other end can be connected with washing fluid, continuous bladder irrigation with normal saline can reduce bleeding, prevent excessive bleeding caused by urethral obstruction.


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What is the purpose of indwelling catheter?

 (1) Preoperative urethral catheterization can prevent intraoperative anesthesia can lead to smooth muscle and sphincter can not be timely contraction and relaxation, causing urinary incontinence and urinary retention, can also maintain the bladder empty, so as to avoid intraoperative injury to the bladder.

 (2) Relieve urinary tract obstruction, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethral stricture and so on.

 (3) Indwelling catheter after operation for urinary system diseases can facilitate drainage and irrigation, reduce the tension of incision and promote wound healing.

 (4) For paraplegia, coma, perineal injury patients, indwelling catheter can drain urine, to keep the perineal clean, dry, prevent pressure sores, urinary incontinence patients can also carry out bladder function training.

 (5) It can accurately record urine volume and measure urine specific gravity in rescuing critical and shock patients, so as to observe the changes of the condition


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