Disposable Insulin Syringes

Disposable insulin syringes are used for injection of insulin. Insulin syringe parts include barrel, plunger, piston, and needle.Insulin syringe with needle is sterilized and shall not be reused.
Product description

Quality standards of disposable insulin syringes 

1. Disposable insulin syringe is made of medical polymer material and sterilized by ethylene oxide.

2.  The residual amount of ethylene oxide should be not more than 10 micrograms / gram. 

3. The product should be sterile, pyrogen free and hemolytic, not more than 5%, and no acute systemic toxicity.

4.  The surface of the product should be clean and free from impurities, and there should be no defects such as edge, burr, plastic flow, defect and so on.

5.  There shall be no visible lubricant on the inner surface of the product (including the rubber piston). 

6. Rubber pistons should be free of foreign impurities . 

7. The grading line of the scale and the digital printing should be complete, clear in handwriting, clear in line and uniform in thickness.

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c-1 insulin syringe parts_副本_副本.jpg

Specifications of disposable insulin syringe

Insulin syringe sizes: 30 units, 50 units, 100 units

Capacity:0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml

Permanent needle: 27, 29 and 30G

Individual packing:PE or blister package

Features of disposable syringes

1.Transparent barrel allows easy measurement of the volume contained in the syringe and detection of air bubble.

2.The plunger fits the inside of barrel closely to allow free and smooth movement.         

3.The graduation permits a easy reading.

4. The needle cannula is glued with the syringe tip, no dead space.and covered with cap to prevent bending .

5.The caps for plunger and needle are easy to remove

6.Extra wide finger grips is convenient for holding

7.Shelf time : three years

8.There-part with incorporated (permanent) needle

Certificate:CE & ISO13485

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