Colored Syringe

Disposable colored syringes are syringes with colored plungers. Colored plunger syringe is designed to cater for the needs of users who prefer to distinguish medicine liquid with colors of plungers.
Product description

Advantages of colored syringe:

Colored syringes reduce the risk of injecting wrong medicine liquids when there are injection tasks of different liquids in a short time.For example, there shall be injections of several kinds of medicine liquids in one morning but all in 5ml syringes. In order not to make mistakes, nurses can use 5ml syringes with different colors, say, violet, blue,green,white, transparent to load different medicine liquids. Each kind of liquid corresponds only one color. Nurses would keep in minds what color of syringes they shall use for different patients.

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Features of disposable colored syringes:

Raw material of key parts:PP

Color:red,yellow, green, blue, violet, white ,etc

Specifications:1ml,2ml , 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50mL, 60ml, 100ml, 150ML , 200ML ,250ML

Luer: Luer lock or luer slip

Needles: 16-29G

Certificate:CE , ISO13485

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Applications of disposable colored syringe:

Operation Room, ICU Room, First-Aid Room etc. In clinical colored syringes are used to suck or inject liquid medicine.


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