3 Part Syringe

3 part syringe is made of medical grade polymer materials and medical rubber.
Product description

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How to choose suitable rubber plug (piston) for disposable syringe, including disposable 3 part syringe?

Plastic syringe is an advanced liquid medicine container. It can be used as both a container and a syringe. Plastic syringe is mainly composed of tube sleeve, push rod, and piston.  Because of its convenience in use, flexible use of drugs and early filling of liquids, it has gradually been favored by pharmaceutical enterprises.


The standard rubber stopper for syringes is bromobutyl or Chlorobutyl and is generally used in routine situations without special requirements. If the product reacts with the plug or if free silicone oil is to be minimized, a special part or all of the PTFE coated plug, or even the PTFE plug, is required. The selection of rubber plug is very important, and it also greatly affects the selection of plug method. The following factors should be considered when selecting rubber plug:

1. the price of rubber stoppers;

2. the interaction between products and rubber stoppers.

3. Reducing the amount of free silicone oil (depending on the type of coating, it may reduce the amount of free silicone and reduce the extrusion effect);

4. the risk of particles will occur in the process of stoppage.

5. no damage to the coating or appearance defects, the compressibility of the rubber plug.


Standard rubber plug is of the lowest price, but its stability is not as good as PTFE. There is less free silicon in the coating rubber plug contact mask. If the injector must reduce free silicone oil or need to improve barrier conditions, rubber plugs are often chosen.

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