2 Part Disposable Syringe

Both the barrel and the push rod (plunger) of the 2 part disposable syringe are made of PP with good chemical stability, avoiding the reaction between the rubber on the plunger and the medicine liquid or sample.
Product description

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2 part disposable syringe is sterilized by ethylene oxide. It is pyrogen-free without hemolysis reaction.

The processing, assembling and  packaging processes are all  in 100,000 class clean room.

Adopting advanced structure design, the product is composed of barrel and plunger. The sealing ring of plunger 

is seamlessly combined with the inner wall of the barrel. It has reliable tightness and good sliding performance. It is safe and effective to use.


The syringe is packed in plastic bags or paper-plastic bags. The name, standard, specifications, batch number, needle, date of manufacture, sterilization by ethylene oxide, expiry date of sterilization and manufacturer etc shall be indicated on the package.

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