Gauze Roll 90cm X 100yds

Gauze roll 90cm x 100yds is made of 100% fine cotton yarn for medical use. ISO 13485 and CE certification let you rest assured about our goods quality.
Product description

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Product name: Absorbent Gauze Roll 90cm x 100yds

Surgical gauze roll is made of degreased gauze.It has good permeability and strong water absorption. It is even ,neat and easy to use. Gauze roll is folded with fully automatic equipment.Absorbent gauze roll is a traditional surgical dressing and is widely used in medical care and hygienic service.

Surgical gauze roll is mainly used in the cleaning, hemostasis and dressing of epidermal wounds. Qualified,sterilized gauze roll will not cause wound infection and inflammation.

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Count yarn: 40’sx40’s

Mesh:28x24, 30x20, 24x20,26x18,25x17,19x15, 20x12,19x11, 18x14, 12x8

X ray detectable thread: with or without , as per customer’s requirement.

Ply: 4 plies, 2 plies, or 1 ply.


Product features:

1. Absorbent gauze roll is made from 100% cotton. It is pure white and soft and the whiteness is 80° 

2. Good quality, high liquid absorbency.

3. X-ray detectable thread,if needed, is weaved into the gauze in production.

4. No toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization

5. Strictly conforming to BP and USP standards

6. For disposable use, expiring time: 5 years.


Packing details: Each roll packed in white paper and then in blue paper, 20 rolls in one carton

OEM: available

Lead time: 25 to 30 days

Seaport: Shanghai, China

Payment: T/T or L/C




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