Pediatric Stethoscope

Chest piece diameter of JD-3003 pediatric stethoscope is 37mm which is designed for kids.
Product description



The biggest difference between the pediatric stethoscope and the adult stethoscope is the size of the auditory head.


We can say that a piece of adult stethoscope becomes a pediatric stethoscope as long as the chest piece in the adult stethoscope is replaced by a small diameter one.


If the adult stethoscope is used to auscultate a child, the auscultation effect will be greatly affected.


Children often feel nervous when they see stethoscopes. Printing good-looking patterns on the diaphragm of the chest piece, or putting interesting toys on the stethoscope tubing will distract the children and make auscultation easier.


JD-3003 price is the lowest among all types of child stethoscope in Jianda products. The material can be either aluminum alloy or zinc alloy according to customers’ preference. Free OEM printing on chest piece film and paper box is available when the order volume is more than 2000 pcs per order.


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