Light Weight Stethoscope

Chest piece and binaurals of JD-3001 single head stethoscope can be made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy stethoscope is light weight stethoscope.
Product description


Pure aluminum has low strength and is not suitable for structural materials. Through long-term production practice and scientific experiments, people gradually add alloy elements and use heat treatment to strengthen aluminum, which has been a series of aluminum alloys.


Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials in industry. It has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industry. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing day by day, so that the welding research of aluminum alloy is also in-depth.


The ear and ear hangers binauralsof the light stethoscope are made of aluminum alloy. The price of the light stethoscope is lower than that of the neutral stethoscope, so it has an advantage in cost.


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