Stainless Steel Stethoscope

Ear hooks (binaurals)and hearing heads (chest pieces) of stainless stethoscope are made of stainless steel.
Product description


The main function of the stethoscope is auscultation. The sound waves in the patient's chest are transmitted to the doctor's ears through the chest piece, tube and binaurals. The propagation of sound waves in air is not infinite, and sound waves will eventually become heat energy and disappear in the air. It is important to ensure that the sound attenuates as little as possible before reaching the doctor's ears when the length of the stethoscope's tube remains unchanged. Our designers try their best to improve the stethoscope as much as possible from the structure of the chest piece and the material of the stethoscope. JD-3006 stainless steel stethoscope is designed and manufactured for this purpose. Sound waves in the patient's body  attenuate little when passing through stainless steel chest piece and binaurals, because sound waves pass through passages made of heavy metals much better than passages made of light materials. Therefore, at present, premium stethoscope is mostly made of stainless steel or even titanium alloy.



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