Doctor Stethoscope

What stethoscope shall a doctor hang on the neck when he or she goes the rounds of the wards? Of course it shall be JD-3004 sprague rappaport doctor stethoscope.
Product description



Sprague rappaport doctor stethoscope is also called multi-functional stethoscope.

It is named as sprague rappaport stethoscope for memorizing its inventor.

A professional doctor can use it on infant ,adult, pregnant women etc by changing different chest pieces or convert the chest piece in different ways.

Some expectant fathers and mothers buy this stethoscope to listen to fetal hearts.

In hospital outpatients, Sprague rappaport doctor stethoscopes are standard configuration of many doctors.

Blue JD-1007 palm sphygmo plus blue JD-3004 sprague rappaport stethoscope, packed in blue color nylon zipper bag with hand belt. This blue color set has been selected by many of our customers in Europe.


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