Cardiology Stethoscope

Cardiology stethoscope features high precision stainless steel double chest piece that enhances the transmission of sound of all frequency ranges.
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Heart auscultation is very complicated.

The main contents of auscultation are heart rate, rhythm, normal heart sound, heart sound changes (normal, abnormal) heart murmur (normal, abnormal), pericardial fricative sound, etc.

Every doctor wishes to have a piece of stethoscope with high accuracy. JD-3005 cardiology stethoscope rises in response to the requirements.

Both the material of stainless steel and the exquisite structure heighten the auscultating effects. 

The location of the 5 traditional auscultation areas--

◆Mitral valve area: located at the strongest point of apical pulsation, also known as apical area.

◆Pulmonary valve area: second intercostals at the left margin of sternum.

◆Aortic valve area: second intercostal spaces at the right margin of sternum.

◆Second auscultation area of aortic valve: third intercostals at left margin of sternum.

◆Three cusp region: the left edge of the sternum, the fourth, fifth ribs of the left side of the    sternum.



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