Silicone Bandage Tape

Reusable silicone bandage tape is for the people whose skin are too delicate. Normal medical tapes might hurt their fragile skin.
Product description

b3 silicone tape

b1 silicone tape

    Main features of silicone 

    bandage tape:

      1.   Reusable


      2.   Soft

      3.   Waterproof

      4.   Permeable


 Intended use of silicone bandage tape:

1.      It is suitable for external fixation of easily damaged skin or skin with poor condition , for example, skin of      patients after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and dialysis.

2.      It is also applicable to skin of newborns and infants, whose skin is very fragile.

3.      It provides skin protection in fixing IV catheters,  electrodes and surgical dressing outside skin .

Note: Re-usability is advantage of silicone bandage tape. But this is for one patient only. Do not use one piece of silicone bandage tape for different patients, otherwise it would lead to cross infection.

Normal sizes and packing of silicone bandage tape:



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