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As one of Silicone gel sheet suppliers in China, we supply CE & FDA certified silicone gel sheet made in China.
Product description


What we can do:

Our Silicone gel sheets are both CE and FDA certified. If you are a company in Europe or USA, we will be able to directly export to your country.

If your company is located in Middle East or South America and needs registration prior to import, we will be able to submit required documents for your registration.Please note if you have not registered these products, normally you cannot directly import.


What we cannot do:

Sometimes we receive an inquiry from a single person, who demands one or two pcs of instruments, one or two boxes of surgical dressings.

We are a medical instrument factory and we produce and export medical products. We only export to importers. We cannot serve a single person.

If you only want to buy one or two pieces of disposable medical instruments, we suggest you buy from Amazon. It will be convenient for you to pay and collect what you need with high efficiency.

We have advantage in export in bulk but not in selling one or two pieces of disposable instruments.


Silicone gel sheet sizes and package:




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