Silicone Gel Sheet For Scars

It is inevitable that sometimes your skin is hurt in an accident. If there is no proper dealing, a scar might be left on your skin. At this moment, you might resort to silicone get sheet for scars.
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The key point of using silicone gel sheet for scars is point of time. You shall apply it on your wound at the early stage of formation of scars. If the scars have formed for a long time, it would be late.

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The following shows to you how a piece of silicone gel sheet is used.

1. This picture shows the early stage of scar forming. You can see that the new skin has not grown well . It is time to “interfere”.

2. Apply a piece of silicone gel dressing on the wound.It is important that under the sheet the skin of wound part shall be kept flat.

3. After three months (suggested period of time), the scar will heal without a mark of scar. Under some cases, the scar will heal in about one month without leaving a mark.


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