Silicone Gel Adhesive Sheet

Some people call silicone gel adhesive sheet “scar reducing film”, “scar eliminating silica gel film”, “skin beauty film”. This is because of the magic effect of silicone gel adhesive sheet in beautifying the wounded skin.
Product description


Silicone gel adhesive sheet product features:

1. It prevents scars from forming effectively.

2. If the formed scar is at the early stage, silicone gel adhesive sheet can prevent further hyperplasia.

3. More important: It is washable and reusable. No need to worry about the cost of using it for a long time.

4. The effect can be even better if you can keep a three month continuous use.

5. It can be cut according to size needed.



1. If the wound has not well healed, silicone gel adhesive sheet cannot be used.

2. If your skin is allergic to silicone, please do not use this silicone sheet.

3. At the first day, use if for 2 to 4 hours. Then 4 hours a day is increased until you use it for 24 hours every day.
4. Everyday clean your skin and the sheet one time with warm water or neutral detergent. Dry it in the air after washing.

4. Do not use oxidizing solutions.It will damage the sheet and seriously affect the effect.


Silicone gel sheet sizes and package:




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