Self Adherent Silicone Foam Dressing

Self adherent silicone foam dressing combines the advantages of PU waterproof film, silicone layer with holes and hyper absorbent foam. It is applicable to acute and chronic wounds, especially wounds with much exudation.
Product description


Structure illustration of self adherent silicone foam dressing

d1 silicone foam dressing without border

Self adherent silicone foam dressing features:


1. It can be stuck softly and comfortably on skin. When it is removed, there will be no residue left and body hair will not be stuck to the foam dressing.

2. It can massively absorb exudate  from wound or mucosa “vertically” so that exudate would not spread to skin around foam dressing, which reduces the risk of  immersing skin around the wound.

3. Silicone foam dressing keeps the wound under appropriate temperature and humidity, which would promote the healing of wound.

4. If a doctor wants to inspect situation of wound, he can remove silicone foam dressing at any time he wants. Wound bed will not be damaged. After checking, he can cover the wound with the silicone foam dressing again.

5. When the dressing is torn off, the new skin of the wound mucosa will not be damaged.

6. It can prevent scar formation.

7. A patient with silicone foam dressing on his wound can take a shower as it is waterproof.

8. Wound mucosa and skin around wound can breathe as silicone foam dressing is breathable.


Cautions in using silicone foam dressing:

1. Size of dressing you select must be at least 2cm larger than the wound at each edge.

2. Oxidizing solutions such as hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide solution shall be not used together with silicone foam dressing.

3. Patient who is allergenic to silicone shall not use silicone foam dressing.


Part of specifications and package of silicone foam dressing without boarder:

table without boarder



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