Flexible Reinforced Laryngeal Mask Airway

Flexible reinforced laryngeal mask airway is mainly used in anesthesia, cardiac resuscitation, difficult airway management, open airway, and pediatric application. It is especially suitable for head and neck surgery.
Product description

Laryngeal mask airway is an artificial respiratory tract developed by British anesthetist in 1983 according to the anatomical structure of the throat.It is a special type of ventilation tube and a new type of ventilation medical device commonly used in clinic. Because of its advantages of simple operation, easy to grasp, small injury and patient tolerance, it has been widely used in general anesthesia, especially for short general anesthesia, respiratory management and emergency airway opening.

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Among all types of laryngeal mask airways, flexible reinforced laryngeal mask airway has its special characteristics.

Product features: 

1.The main tube of flexible reinforced laryngeal mask airway can be bent according to the needs of    doctors. With the    help of laryngeal mask, the anesthetic machine can be far away from the location  of the operation area to facilitate      the operation. 

2.The main tube of flexible reinforced laryngeal mask airway is strengthened by anti kink wire inside  the tube ,which        eliminates the risk of airway obstruction . 

3.The slippery surface of the laryngeal mask ensures easy insertion.

4.The color codes of laryngeal mask is used to confirm the specifications. 

5.Anti kink wire can be planted into disposable PVC ,disposable silicone and reusable laryngeal mask  airways.

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Methods of inserting:

Normally there are two methods.

1)Conventional method: Lift the patient head lightly backward.Pull the patient’s lower jaw to broaden the oral cavity, hold the laryngeal mask with right hand. The mouth of mask is towards the lower jaw and then hard palate. Insert the larygeal mask downward along the mid-line of tongue and posterior pharyngeal wall. Stick downward until it cannot be further pushed.

2)Reverse method: The method of reverse inserting is basically the same as the conventional method.When the mask mouth reaches the bottom of throat, rotate laryngeal mask gently by 180 degree so that the mouth of mask is towards the throat top. Then continue to push down the laryngeal mask, until it cannot be further pushed. 

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