1 Piece Urostomy Bag

What is urostomy?In the clinic, when the whole bladder is removed by operation because of bladder of other diseases, you will need a urinary diversion to release urine from inside your body. Usually part of ileum is dissociated owing to illness of bladder or other disease to replace the bladder. One end of colon (ileum ) is sewed, and the other end sewed on the abdomen wall to create a urostomy. The bag adopted to collect urine from the urostomy is called urostomy bag or urostomy pouch. Urostomy bags with hydro colloid barrier on the bag is called one piece urostomy bag or 1 piece urostomy pouch.It is drainable ostomy bags.
Product description

Position of urostomy:

Urostomy is usually on the right lower abdomen, but sometimes doctors would decide positions according to operation situation.Part of ileum is dissociated and bladder is replaced. The stoma is on the abdomen wall with diameter 2cm. It is 2-3cm higher than abdomen wall. Urine will keep flowing out from the opening here after the operation.


Product features of one piece urostomy bags:


-Capacity: 615ml

-Hydro colloid base plate cutting range 15-50mm

-Perforated PE film lining

-Double ply transparent EVOH, 0.076mm each ply

-TPR valve with good sealing and will not get off easily

--Normally it could stick on skin for 5 to 7 days



Package of one piece urostomy bag:

-Each piece of one piece urostomy bag with a piece of separative paper;

-30 pieces in one paper box;

-10 boxes in one outer carton

inner package of urostomy bag.jpg

Certification: CE  ISO13485

urostomy bag_副本.jpg

factory of urostomy bag1_副本.jpg

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