One Piece Drainable Colostomy Bag With Aluminum Sealing Strip

The colostomy bag is equipped with a special aluminum sealing strip that can be folded repeatedly. When sealing ,you need grasp the two ends of the aluminum strip, roll the bag opening upward from the bottom up to a proper position and fold the two ends of the aluminum strip for fixing.
Product description

The sealing position is embedded by an aluminum strip. When sealing, you need to grasp the two ends of the aluminum strip, turn it inward to the proper position, and fold the aluminum strip to the outside.No longer to worry about not finding the sealing clip.

Similarly, there are two styles to choose from, one is a transparent bag with PE lining and the other is a nude translucent bag with non woven lining.The transparent bag is observed more clearly, and the PE film is not easily contaminated. The translucent bag can be used to observe the inside, but also more hidden to avoid nausea.The non-woven fabric is softer and more comfortable,suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The following is nude translucent bag

Product features of 1 piece ostomy bag drainable colostomy bag with aluminum strip and Non woven lining:


The following are transparent bag pictures



Product features of one piece drainable bag ostomy bag colostomy bags with aluminum strip and PE film lining:




urostomy bag_副本.jpg

factory of urostomy bag1_副本.jpg

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