2 Piece Drainable Colostomy Bags

2 piece drainable colostomy bags are soft and comfortable with non woven fabric or punctured PE film lining. The buckle ring of 2 piece colostomy pouch is easy to attach the pouch with skin barrier. 2 piece colostomy system can be with active carbon filter.
Product description

Introduction to two piece drainable colostomy bag



--hydro colloid base plate,either with totally hydro colloid plate, or with main part as hydro colloid plate and the part outside hydro colloid plate as adhesive spunlace non woven

--double side non woven lining with opening on the back for a clear observation of ostomy care by doctors

--highly resistant CO-EX film 

--colostomy bag with charcoal filter is inclusive of active carbon filter

--product validity of two piece colostomy pouch: 3 years

--sterile or not: non-sterile

Package of two piece system colostomy bag:

--20 pieces one box

--20 boxes one carton



Cautions in using 2 piece colostomy pouch:

1. Before sticking hydro colloid skin barrier, make sure the skin around the stoma is dry and clean. It is better to make the skin around the stoma smooth before using the ostomy bag and press the skin barrier for minutes to enhance adhesiveness.

2. If there is too much hair around stoma, please shave the hair, otherwise ostomy bag cannot stick well on the skin and epifolliculitis will occur.

3. Please only clean the stoma from inside to  outside with lukewarm water, do not use disinfectant, soap or greasy detergent to clean the skin.

4. The hold of skin barrier should be 1-15.cm bigger than the stoma, otherwise bleeding of mucous membrane or skin maceration will be caused.

5. If there is swelling for the ostomy bag, it means there is too much intestinal gas in the bag. Please make some pinholes and add active carbon filter.

6. Colostomy bags should be stored in a dry room with temperature of 15-25 C degree. It should not be stored in a refrigerator or a place with high temperature ( more than 40 C degree) or moisture.

7. For the sake of environmental protection, replaced colostomy bags shall neither be flushed into toilets or sewers nor be discarded carelessly. Please put ostomy bags into clean bags and throw into dustbins.


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