2 Piece Closed Colostomy Bags

2 piece colostomy bags are soft and comfortable with embedded ring. It is easy to use.
Product description

Introduction to two piece colostomy bag




--hydro colloid base plate,either with totally hydro colloid plate, or with main part as hydro colloid plate and the part outside hydro colloid plate as adhesive spunlace non woven

--double side non woven lining with opening on the back for a clear observation of ostomy care by doctors

--highly resistant CO-EX film 

--colostomy bag with charcoal filter is inclusive of active carbon filter


--product validity: 3 years

--sterile or not: non-sterile


--20 pieces one box

--20 boxes one carton

User guide of two piece colostomy bag

1. Wipe dry the skin around the stoma from inside to outside with tepid water or normal saline.

2. There is a pre-cut on the skin barrier. Enlarge the hole by further cutting according to size and shape of stoma.

3. Temporarily put a pc of gauze sponge on the stoma to prevent excretion from flowing out during sticking of skin barrier.

4. Peel off the release paper or protection film on the skin barrier. Hold the bag with two hands, aim the hole of skin barrier at the stoma, gradually press from the bottom to the top to make it completely agglutinate with skin. It is better to strengthen agglutination with several minutes’ uniform pressing.

5. After the barrier is well stuck,aim the plastic ring of ostomy bag at the skin barrier buckle ring, press the toothing with fingers from bottom to the top. When there is a clicking sound, it means the bag has been safely fixed on the skin barrier. Finally fully the bag to make sure it is firm enough.

6. When you want to remove the pouch, nip the tab on the ring and pull the pouch away from the barrier.

7. When taking off the skin barrier from the skin, press the skin with one kind and remove the skin barrier by another hand gently. Do not drag hard, otherwise skin might be hurt. If it is difficult to peel off, wet the skin barrier with tepid water for several minutes and then skin barrier can be removed easily.


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