1 Piece Drainable Colostomy Bags With Sealing Clip

One piece drainable colostomy bag can be washed and cleaned easily. One piece drainable ostomy pouch can be re-used after being cleaned. The opening of the bag must be clamped with the attached clip.
Product description

Product features of One piece drainable colostomy bag

--One piece drainable colostomy bag with clamp closure

--Cutting range of one piece drainable ostomy pouch:25-75mm

--Hydro colloid base plate with absorbent spunlace non woven border

--Perforated PE film

--3 ply translucent CO-EX film

--With active carbon filter

--5 pieces of clamps free of charge for each 20 pieces of drainable colostomy bags 

Package of one piece drainable colostomy bag  : 

20 pcs per box, 20 boxes per carton


Classifications of stomas

Stomas are classified based on different diseases and operation positions


A colostomy is usually made on the left-hand side of your abdomen. It is permanent descending colon or sigmoid flexure stoma. The colostomy is 1-1.5cm higher than the abdomen wall with diameter of 3-5cm. Feces are usually in solid form.

2.An ileostomy is normally made on the right side of body. It is stoma of ileum end, which is 1.5-2.5cm higher than adbomen wall with diameter 2-2.5cm. The excretion is in liquid form with digestive enzyme ,which is strongly skin-irritating.

3.Temporary stoma

It is on the transverse colon. It is double lumen or pan type which seems big. Liquid stool is released from proximal opening and small amount of intestinal mucus is released from the far-end opening.The functions of temporary stoma are diverging and decompressing. When intestinal disease is cured, temporary stoma can be removed.

Colostomy bags are used for above stomas.


Cautions in using colostomy bags:

1.It is used for patients with colostomy and ileostomy stoma.

2.Under normal circumstances, a piece of skin barrier can be used for 5 to 7 days. Deferred use will affect adhesiveness and will not be good to skin.

3.If the bag is full of air, please exhaust with a pinhole on the top of the bag. Active carbon filter is recommended to be used as odor remover.

4.Ostomy bag that has been replaced cannot be re-used.

5.For the sake of environmental protection, replaced colostomy bags shall neither be flushed into toilets or sewers nor be discarded carelessly.

6.Contraindication:Patients who are allergic to adhesive shall use it with caution.


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