1 Piece Closed Colostomy Bags

One piece closed ostomy bag is normally for single use. One piece closed colostomy bag is proper for patients who need change of colostomy bag not more than once every day. Colostomy bags sometimes are full of air from patient enternal gas.Under that case pinholes can be made on the bag to release air. Meanwhile, colostomy bag air filter is necessary to be used to remove odor. Or, you can directly choose colostomy bag with filter, that is, colostomy bag with charcoal filter. We have one piece closed colostomy bag with filter and without filter.
Product description

Product features of one piece closed colostomy bag with filter

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--hydro colloid base plate 

--double side non woven lining with opening on the back for a clear observation of ostomy care by doctors --highly resistant CO-EX film 

--colostomy bag with charcoal filter is inclusive of active carbon filter

--Recommended to be used for patients with formed feces or regular excretion

--product validity: 3 years

--sterile or not: non-sterile


--20 pieces one box

--20 boxes one carton

Product features of one piece closed colostomy bag without ostomy bag gas filter 

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-Capacity: 325ml

-Hydro colloid base plate 35-60mm (pre-cut size as per requirement , minimum 15mm)

-Permeable and breathable non woven lining

-double ply complexion EVOH , 0.076mm per ply


-Each piece of one piece ostomy bag with a piece of separative paper;

-30 pieces in one paper box;

-10 boxes in one outer carton

User guide of one piece colostomy bag

1.Wipe dry the skin around the stoma from inside to outside with tepid water or normal saline.

2.There is a pre-cut on the skin barrier. Enlarge the hole by further cutting according to size and shape of stoma.

3.Temporarily put a pc of gauze sponge on the stoma to prevent excretion from flowing out during sticking of skin barrier.

4.If it is a pc of colostomy bag with clamp, please open the clamp of colostomy bag .

5.Close the colostomy bag with the clamp.

6.Peel off the release paper or protection film.

7.First ,blow a small amount of air into the bag to prevent bag walls from sticking together. Then , hold the bag with two hands, aim the hole of skin barrier at the stoma, gradually press from the bottom to the top to make it completely agglutinate with skin. It is better to strengthen agglutination with several minutes’ uniform pressing.

8.When it is time to release excretion, open the end of ostomy bag with bag end towards toilet. After releasing excretion, wash the bag end as the picture shows.Wipe dry and close the bag for next use.

Certification: CE ISO13485

urostomy bag_副本.jpgfactory of urostomy bag1_副本.jpg

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