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The Choice Of Stethoscope
Oct 31, 2017

In the past, the stethoscope in auscultation effect is not very different, now, a wide range of stethoscope, different levels of stethoscope in listening to the normal sound when the difference is not obvious, but listen to the noise when there is a very different. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the stethoscope, the more discriminating the noise, the longer the use. A clinician should have at least a good quality stethoscope.

The difference of auscultation effect

Generally speaking, the larger the stethoscope, the better the effect of picking up the sound, on the contrary, the smaller the lighter, carrying the more convenient, dazzling new stethoscope design is to solve this contradiction.

The size of the auscultation head

The greater the contact surface of the auscultation head and the body, the better the sound effects are picked up. However, the human body has a radian, if the chest is too large, listen to the head can not fully contact with the human body, the sound not only not good to pick up, but also from the gap to drain out, therefore, the size of the auscultation head should be based on clinical needs. At present, the diameter of the stethoscope chest is almost uniform between 45-50 mm, the special size of the pediatric chest is generally 30 mm, the newborn is 18 mm.

The material of the stethoscope

The material plays an important role in the sound effect, the sound transmits through the air or the material, eventually transforms into the heat energy disappears. The transmission of sound waves, in heavy metals almost no decay, in the lighter metal or plastic prone to decay, so the high level of stethoscope must use stainless steel and even titanium and other heavy metals.

The conduction part of the stethoscope

Sound transmission lines are also important. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the shorter the length, the thicker the tube wall, the better the effect of the stethoscope, the international standard length of 27 inches. Modern stethoscope transmission line of the material is generally PVC, sound good, beautiful, but tensile resistance is poor, often bending, stretching easy to break. The stethoscope should be used to hang her on both sides of the neck, which is seen in foreign dramas as the standard method of wearing a quality stethoscope.

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