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Relevant Anecdotes Of Thermometers
Oct 31, 2017

World's largest thermometer

The world's largest thermometer is located in Xinjiang Turpan Flaming Scenic Area, in the Flaming Scenic area of the underground Palace Center, high standing a huge thermometer, which was completed in August 16, 2004, the three-dimensional modelling thermometer, called "Staff", has won the world Guinness most.

Giant thermometer diameter of 0.65 meters, 12 meters high, the temperature is 5.4 meters high, can be measured under 100 degrees Celsius surface temperature, air temperature, the error does not exceed positive and negative 0.5 degrees.

The largest thermometer in Shaanxi province

At the end of July 2014, a 68-metre-high large "thermometer" appeared outside Liuba County City. The thermometer was converted from an abandoned chimney, costing 430,000 yuan. It is understood that this is the largest thermometer in Shaanxi Province at present.

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