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Precautions When Measuring Blood Pressure
Oct 31, 2017

1. Because of the relationship between blood flow, usually left hand and the amount of blood pressure will be somewhat different; usually left-handed blood pressure is slightly higher than the right hand, but the difference in the 10~20m mhg are normal, but the record should be high measured data prevail. If the difference between two hands more than 40~50mmhg, may be a blockage of blood vessels, it is best to consult a physician to find out why.

2. The measurement of blood pressure should not be counted only once, should be more than a few times a day of blood pressure, and to record, in order to understand their blood pressure changes in a day.

3. The city sells Sphygmomanometer mostly electronic, its measurement result usually is slightly higher than the traditional Mercury sphygmomanometer. And the electronic sphygmomanometer is divided into wrist type and arm type two kinds, although the wrist is more convenient to use, but usually far away from the heart, the results of the measurement of the greater the difference; The proposed purchase can be on-site test, if the arm type, wrist type measurement results are not very different, both can be used;

4. It is best to measure blood pressure at home in a relaxed mood, because some people in the hospital blood pressure, will be in the face of the health care staff wearing white to cause tension, thus raising blood pressure, medicine called "white blood pressure disorder", at home to measure blood pressure can overcome this situation occurs.

5. The traditional Mercury sphygmomanometer will be affected by the expansion and contraction, the average of 01 times per half-year correction.

6. Electronic sphygmomanometer will be affected by the aging of components, the average need to calibrate every year

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