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Performance Of Infrared Thermometer
Oct 31, 2017

To obtain accurate temperature readings, the distance between the thermometer and the test target must be within the appropriate range, and the so-called "Light point Size" (spot size) is the area of the measuring point of the thermometer. The farther away you are from the target, the greater the size of the light point. The right figure shows the ratio of the distance to the light point size, or D: S. On the laser sight-type thermometer, the laser point is positioned at the top of the target center, with a bias distance of 12mm (0.47 inches).

Measuring distance and light point size

When determining distance, the target diameter is equal to or greater than the measured light point size. The distance between "Object No. 1th" (object 1) and the measuring instrument indicated by the right image is positive, because the target is slightly larger than the size of the metering point. The "2nd object" is too far away because the target is smaller than the measured light point size, that is, the thermometer is measuring the background object, thus reducing the accuracy of the readings.

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