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How To Choose The Electronic Thermometer
Oct 31, 2017

1. Appearance inspection.

Electronic thermometer generally do small and beautiful, smooth surface, no defects.

2. Power check.

Place the switch knob in the pass position, check whether the display marks and instructions on the use of the same, disconnect the power supply again, observe whether the same display the correct mark, if the repeated power through the test, the correct marking is the same, and the display of the armpit temperature is basically consistent, indicating that the electronic thermometer repeatability is good. If the display is abnormal (the temperature difference is too large), then the electronic thermometer battery power is depleted, or a bad contact.

3. Accuracy check.

Press the switch button and the "188.8" mark appears on the LCD monitor. Place the thermometer on the tongue for 1 minutes, and when the "C" mark stops blinking and there is a beep code, the readout is the body temperature, which is the oral temperature. Repeated several times, the oral temperature should be the same, if it is not the same, then the table repeatability is not good, can not be selected, also do not need to do accuracy check, if the oral temperature is identical, can be carried out under the armpit temperature measurement, when the "C" mark stop flashing and beep prompts beep, the reading is the armpit temperature. Also, multiple measurements, armpit temperature values are the same. General oral cavity temperature is about 1 degrees higher than armpit temperature, if the test of oral cavity temperature is too much or too little, it can be considered that the accuracy of the electronic thermometer is not satisfactory.

4. If the electronic thermometer placed under the tongue 1 minutes later, the "C" mark is still flashing, you need to cut off the power of the electronic thermometer 5 minutes before the power supply, the measurement again. Normally, when the body temperature is removed from the mouth, the display will not flicker again. If the flashing is still intermittent, the table must have a problem and cannot be selected.

5. Is or not the normal factory production, standard two types of medical equipment, there is no after-sales service, there is no telephone address, and so on outside the packaging information, can also be related to the company official online inquiries.

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