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How To Choose Infrared Thermometer
Oct 31, 2017

The choice of infrared thermometer can be divided into 3 aspects:

(1) Performance indicators, such as temperature range, spot size, working wavelength, measurement accuracy, window, display and output, response time, protection accessories, etc.

(2) environment and working conditions, such as ambient temperature, window, display and output, protection accessories, etc.;

(3) Other options, such as easy to use, maintenance and calibration performance and price, but also to the choice of temperature measuring instrument to have a certain impact.

With the technology and continuous development, the best design and new progress of infrared thermometer provide users with a variety of functions and multi-purpose instruments, expanded the choice of space. Other options, such as ease of use, maintenance and calibration performance, and price. In the selection of the thermometer model should first determine the measurement requirements, such as measured target temperature, measured target size, measuring distance, measured target material, target environment, response speed, measurement accuracy, with portable or on-line and so on; in the existing various models of thermometer contrast, select to meet the above requirements of the instrument model Select the best match for performance, function, and price in many models that meet these requirements.

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