IV Cannula For Pediatrics

For most treatments, 20~24 G IV catheter should be considered. How to select the specifications of IV cannula for pediatrics? Neonates, children and the elderly should consider using 22-24 G catheters, and larger size catheters should be considered when rapid blood transfusion is needed.
Product description


Scope of I.V. catheter application

The primary goal of vascular access devices is to select the device with minimal damage. It is suggested that the protection of peripheral veins should be taken into account when making therapeutic plans for pathways, and the minimal size of IV catheters suitable for therapeutic schemes and meeting patients'needs should be selected.


In addition to choosing a relatively small indwelling needle, the material of the indwelling needle is also a factor to consider.


Reason: indwelling needle as a foreign body, will stimulate the vein, and eventually there will be symptoms such as swelling, heat and pain. If the material of the indwelling needle is relatively hard, bleeding will often occur during the indwelling period. If the indwelling needle softens after entering the blood vessel, the hose will float in the blood vessel, which will reduce the stimulation and damage to the intima of the blood vessel, thereby reducing the risk of complications during the indwelling period.


Product parameters of IV cannulas


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