Disposable IV Infusion Set

Disposable IV infusion set is medical instrument for intravenous infusion. Normally it consists of intravenous needle or injection needle, needle protective cap, drip chamber, filter, air inlet, flow regulator,injection site or Y site, soft tubing, terminal connector etc.Intravenous needles include single wing infusion needle and butterfly infusion needle.
Product description

Application of IV infusion set:

It is mainly used for clinical gravity infusion.

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Working principal of infusion set

Under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the liquid flows into the drip chamber along soft  infusion hose. When the pressure of the dripping chamber is greater than that of the venous pressure, the liquid in the bottle or infusion bag flows into the vein along the hose.

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Raw materials of each component of IV infusion sets:

1.Spike--medical grade white ABS, with or without air Inlet

2.Protective cap-- PP or PE.

3. Drip chamber--soft PVC, 4.5cm -7cm in length.

4. Fluid filter--Support is made of ABS or PE;nylon net, mesh size: 15 micron.

5. Air inlet--Red, white, or blue PP

6. Flow regulator--PP or ABS, normal shape, small size or horned Shape, large size.

7. Injection site--Latex cone, rubber cone, synthetic rubber cone, Y site- Made of hard transparent PVC+injection site made of natural or synthetic Rubber.

8. Soft tubing--soft medical grade PVC, diameter 3x4mm, 150cm in length, or adjust according to requirements.

9. Terminal connector: PE, PVC, luer lock or luer slip.

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Features of IV infusion sets:


Different types of IV infusion set:

Jiandamed is one of China infusion set suppliers. We supply IV infusion set with filter, infusion set with Y site, infusion set luer lock, infusion set with butterfly needle, winged infusion set, infusion set with burette, etc.


Package of IV sets

1pc/PE bag or blister, 500 pcs/carton

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