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Why nearly half of the stroke in winter attacks at 5 in the morning?
Jan 26, 2018

Stroke occured more in winter.Experts find that in winter, nearly 40% to 50% cerabral apoplexy attacks about 5 o’clock in the morning. Why so?

First, we shall find out why in winter stroke often happens.

Aged people are sensitive to temperature. When they meet with stimulant of cold weather ,the secretion of adrenal glands in the body will increases and the circulation of the blood will accelerate to resist the cold.However, However, the increase in the adrenal gland causes vasoconstriction and causes a significant increase in blood pressure.The clinical study showed that, when the cold comes, it is a cerebral hemorrhage multiple day. Similarly, the blood pressure rises form the blood circulation obstacle and cause the artery atheromatous plaque fall and then cause the brain infarction.

Secondly, let’s find out why it is about 5 o’clock in the morning.

After one night’s sleeping, body clock begins adjusting from night mode to day mode.Sympathetic nerve becomes more and more excited for the preparation of waking up.  raised the blood pressure with large fluctuation.For smokers, and those people with hypertension or hyperlipemia, plaques on vascular walls are likely to fall and flow with blood. The blood vessels at the brain are small in diameter and plaques are easy to be stopped there and then block the vessels, which induce cerebral apoplexy.

Doctors suggest people with hypertension or hyperlipemia not to sit up or stand up quickly when they wake up early in the morning. Just sit up slowly and then sit beside beds for several minutes and then stand up and go around. For aged people, they shall wear more to keep warm in winter and shall not go out in extremely cold weather.

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