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Use of stethoscope
Oct 31, 2017

The correct way to wear a stethoscope

The stethoscope design conforms to the ear canal angle the patent ergonomics ear and the ear sinus. It can be comfortably closed with the listener's ear canal and will not make you feel tired or unwell. Before you put the ear on, please pull out the ear of the stethoscope; Metal ear should tilt forward, will ear wear into your external auditory meatus, so that the ear sinus and your ear canal tightly closed; everyone's ear canal size is different, you can choose the appropriate size of the ear sinus. If the wearing method is correct, but the ear sinus and ear canal tightness is poor, auscultation effect is not good, please pull out the ear to adjust its elasticity. Improper wearing method, ear sinus and ear canal is not close to the effect of auscultation will result in poor. The ear, for example, will be completely inaudible when worn back.

Remove debris

If the stethoscope has been placed in the pocket, or is not regularly maintained, the lint, fiber or dust of the clothing may clog the stethoscope ear. Regular maintenance and cleaning can avoid the occurrence of the above situation.

Check tightness

The high quality of the stethoscope is related to the tightness of the stethoscope and the patient's body surface, the stethoscope to the listener's ear canal. The loose part of the hearing head, the loosening of the y tube and the damage of the Y tube will affect the tightness. The better the degree of tightness, the more accurate the sound of the patient's body into the listener's ear. So check the stethoscope status regularly.

Double-sided Stethoscope

When using a double head stethoscope, the user needs to convert the bell or the film surface mode of the head. When using the membrane surface, the clock face will be closed to avoid interference.

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