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Type of stethoscope
Oct 31, 2017

Acoustic stethoscope

Acoustic stethoscope is the earliest stethoscope and is familiar with the medical diagnostic tools for most people. The stethoscope is a doctor's symbol, and the doctor wears it around his neck every day. Acoustic stethoscope is the most commonly used.

Electronic stethoscope

Electronic stethoscope is the use of electronic technology to enlarge the body's voice, overcome the acoustic stethoscope noise high bug. The electronic stethoscope needs to convert the sound of the sound wave to the electrical signal and then be amplified and processed to get the best listening. Compared to acoustic stethoscope, they are based on the same physical principles.

An electronic stethoscope can also be associated with the computer-assisted auscultation program for the analysis of the recorded heart sound pathology or innocent heart murmur.

Shoot the stethoscope

Some electronic stethoscope are provided with direct audio output, which can be used to connect to external recording devices, such as laptops or MP3 recorders. By keeping these sounds, the doctor can do more in-depth research, or even remote diagnosis, by listening to a previously recorded sound from a stethoscope headset.

Fetal stethoscope

In fact, fetal stethoscope or fetal mirror is also a kind of acoustic stethoscope, but detached from the ordinary acoustic stethoscope. Fetal stethoscope can hear fetal voice in pregnant women's belly. Care for pregnancy is very good.

Doppler stethoscope

A Doppler stethoscope is an electronic device that measures the Doppler effect of the reflection wave of ultrasound from the body's organs. Movement was detected by the frequency of change due to the Doppler effect of the reflected wave. Therefore, the Doppler stethoscope is especially suitable for handling moving objects such as beating Hearts.

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