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Three tips for measuring blood pressure
Dec 15, 2017

1.Because of blood flow, there are some differences in blood pressure between left hand and right hand. Usually, the blood pressure of the left hand is slightly higher than that of the right hand, but the difference is normal in 10~20 mmHg. However,we shall adopt the higher measurement data. If the difference between the two hands is more than 40 to 50mmHg, it may be a problem of obstruction of blood vessels. It is better to ask the doctor to find out the reason.


2. Measuring blood pressure shall not be only once a day. We should measure blood pressure several times a day, and record it to understand the change of blood pressure in one day.


3.It is better to measure blood pressure at home in a relaxing way.Some people might feel a bit nervous when doctors test their blood pressure in hospitals which will consequently increase blood pressure . This is called "white hypertension".

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