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The principle method of pressure measurement for Sphygmomanometer
Oct 31, 2017

The measuring principle of sphygmomanometer can be divided into two kinds: direct measurement method and indirect measurement method.

The direct measurement method is also called invasive measurement, that is, through the puncture of the blood vessels placed in the blood pressure measured, such as in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac intervention to monitor the patient's invasive blood pressure. Use invasive methods to measure blood pressure directly. Depending on the location of the test, the method is different, also can not fully reflect the human blood pressure.

The indirect measurement method is also called noninvasive measurement, that is, the blood pressure is indirectly measured without puncturing the catheter inside the vessel.

The indirect measurement method is also divided into Auscultation method and Oscillographic method.

1. Auscultation method

The method of blood pressure measurement by using stethoscope is called auscultation, and the blood pressure sphygmomanometer is called auscultation method. such as Mercury sphygmomanometer, blood pressure meter and so on. Auscultation Sphygmomanometer is a scientific, classic blood pressure measurement and measurement apparatus.

2. Oscillographic method

The Oscillographic method is also called oscillation method, which is a kind of advanced electronic measuring method developed in the 90 's.

The principle is summarized as follows:

First, tie the cuff to your arm, to the cuff automatically inflated, to a certain pressure (generally higher than the contraction pressure 30~ mmHg) after the cessation of pressure, start to release gas, when the pressure to a certain extent, blood flow can pass through the blood vessels, and a certain oscillation wave, the oscillation wave through the trachea to the pressure sensor, Pressure sensing can detect the pressure and fluctuation in the cuff in real time. Gradually, the oscillation wave becomes larger and bigger. The pressure and the fluctuation of the pressure sensor are less and less because of the loosening of the contact between the sleeve and the arm. Select the most volatile moment for the reference point, based on this, looking forward is the peak 0. 45 of the fluctuation point, which is the systolic pressure, looking backwards is the peak 0. 75 of the fluctuation point, the corresponding pressure is diastolic pressure, and the highest fluctuation point of the corresponding pressure is the average pressure. It is worth mentioning that 0. 45 with 0. 75 this constant.

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