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Technical characteristics of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring instrument
Oct 31, 2017

1. Oscillation of the principle of wave, filling gas quickly, very low noise.

2. Reverse inflation logic feedback, the maximum pressure of the cuff is only more than the measured person contraction pressure of less than 5mmHg, to maximize the patient's sense of comfort.

3. The test can be temporarily interrupted and worn again to test the blood pressure.

4. Unique day and night keys, special practice keys, accurate record day and night boundary emergencies.

5. Automatically fill in 3 minutes, storage data can reach 300 measurement values.

6. Weighs only 250 grams, the world's lightest blood pressure record box.

7. WINDOWS95/98/NT version analysis software, operating in English and Chinese, the interface switch freely.

8. Easy to operate, convenient, user interface friendly, can be directly connected with the computer, printer.

9. No bug technology failure, German standards, through ISO9001 and CE certification.

10. A variety of analysis charts and Chinese and English can choose to report printing, the value of clinical application is extremely high.

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