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Related knowledge of Sphygmomanometer
Oct 31, 2017

1. Type of Sphygmomanometer

The market is mainly divided into the blood pressure sphygmomanometer Mercury column sphygmomanometer and electronic (no liquid) sphygmomanometer two categories. Mercury column type Sphygmomanometer is larger in volume and inconvenient to carry.

Electronic sphygmomanometer small size, easy to carry, easy to use, almost all people can use their own, as a simple test of blood pressure is very popular with hypertensive patients.

2. Does the doctor use the Auscultation method to measure the results more accurately?

The Mercury-column sphygmomanometer used by doctors in hospitals is just a tool for pressure measurement. The idea that Mercury-column sphygmomanometer is accurate is one-sided, because the Mercury-column sphygmomanometer is just a pressure gauge, focusing on the auscultation of the doctor through the stethoscope.

3. The standard of clinical verification in the development of electronic Sphygmomanometer

The clinical verification of electronic Sphygmomanometer is designed by using the method of listening as standard and statistics. But this does not mean that the results measured by the Auscultation method using the mercury pressure gauge are more accurate than those measured by the electronic sphygmomanometer. Of course, it is also wrong to think that the results of the electronic sphygmomanometer are more accurate than those measured by the Auscultation method using the mercury pressure gauge. The difference between the electronic sphygmomanometer and the Auscultation method is normal for individuals who are tested.

4. What type of electronic sphygmomanometer is good?

It is recommended to use a standard test to confirm the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer.

For older people, it is recommended to use the upper arm type automatic sphygmomanometer, not to recommend the use of semi-automatic sphygmomanometer and wrist-type sphygmomanometer.

For young people, you can use wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometer.

The finger-sleeve sphygmomanometer, which had been developed in Japan in the early years, has not been proven to be workable for a long time.

5. How to view the measurement results of electronic sphygmomanometer

The measurement result of electronic sphygmomanometer is only for doctors ' reference, which is stipulated in the medical device regulations of any country. Doctors should measure the blood pressure of the person who has been tested by auscultation.

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