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Related Accessories of Sphygmomanometer
Oct 31, 2017

The key components that make up the electronic sphygmomanometer are as follows:

Air pressure sensor

The most critical component for electronic sphygmomanometer is divided into two types, one is capacitive gas pressure sensor and the other is resistive gas pressure sensor. The dominant sensor used in the electronic sphygmomanometer of electrostatic capacitance type gas pressure sensor has the advantages of good linearity and easy temperature compensation.

Pressurized Miniature Air Pump

The miniature air pump used by the electronic sphygmomanometer is also divided into two types. 1. Ordinary miniature air pump for the first generation, the second generation of electronic sphygmomanometer----decompression synchronous measurement (MWD) of the electronic sphygmomanometer miniature pump, characterized by: fast pressure, but gas flow pulsation. 2. Micro-Servo pump used for the third generation of electronic sphygmomanometer------pressurized synchronous measurement (MWI) Electronic sphygmomanometer Micro Air pump, its characteristics are: the pressure is stable, gas flow pulsation is very small;

Electronic control Exhaust Valve

For the second generation of electronic sphygmomanometer, the characteristics of the servo control through software, so that the exhaust speed is maintained constant, so as to improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurement.

Software for electronic Sphygmomanometer

This is the heart of the electronic sphygmomanometer.

Mechanical slow-speed exhaust valve

This is a slow-speed exhaust valve for the first generation of electronic sphygmomanometer, also known as the rubber exhaust valve, commonly known as "gas core". Its disadvantage is: 1. For different thickness of the arm, the exhaust velocity is different; 2. The exhaust velocity is different under different pressure; 3. Rubber is susceptible to aging, and the exhaust velocity changes over time.

Solenoid Quick Exhaust Valve

For the gas valve for quick release, the first generation and the third generation of electronic sphygmomanometer are used. The solenoid quick exhaust valve has no special technology.

Pressure hand Pinch ball

For auscultation and early semi-automatic electricity.

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