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How to choose a Sphygmomanometer
Oct 31, 2017

1. Choose Mercury sphygmomanometer or electronic sphygmomanometer?

① professional doctors, of course, can choose Mercury Sphygmomanometer, because the mercury column sphygmomanometer measurement accuracy and stability is high, the user's technical requirements are higher. If the technology is not in place, improper operation, it is easy to make the measured blood pressure produced error.

② general population, choose electronic sphygmomanometer. Electronic sphygmomanometer is easy to use and easy to measure.

2. Electronic sphygmomanometer choice arm type or wrist type?

When choosing a blood pressure monitor, consider the use of the person's condition. ① general population, arm type or wrist type both can, wrist-type measurement is convenient. ② Most of the elderly (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other patients) using arm-type, those with high blood viscosity, microcirculation is not smooth, and mercury column sphygmomanometer measured results compared to the wrist, finger blood pressure measurement error will be very large. National hypertension guidelines are unanimously recommended by international standards for the upper arm type of electronic sphygmomanometer.

3. The method of measurement is the choice of automatic pressure or semi-automatic pressure?

Before you buy a blood pressure monitor, consider whether you can manage the semi-automatic pressurization. ① Automatic Machine Press button can automatically pressure. Automatic automatic control of the gas. ② semi-automatic is manual pressure (with the hand pinch rubber ball pressure), manual comparison Trouble, mainly into the gas is not very good control, gas less test pulse rate is inaccurate.

4. Do you need to buy memory function?

When choosing a sphygmomanometer, ask if there is a memory function. The memory function of the sphygmomanometer is to keep the measured blood pressure record (high pressure, low pressure, pulse and other data) in the machine, can make the long-term use of its measured by a period of time for their blood pressure value of the situation, is not a good function. Memory function is generally divided into: single group memory and multiple group memory function, with date time function and no date time function.

5. The type and function of Sphygmomanometer, how to choose their own?

When choosing a blood pressure monitor, consult other opinions. You can select the electronic sphygmomanometer you need from the functional comparison table of various types of sphygmomanometer, and you can also see from the sales charts of the Sphygmomanometer what type of sphygmomanometer they bought, because everyone's intelligence is smarter than the individual.

6. After-Sales service and warranty

When purchasing blood pressure to ask clear if there is after-sales service, the best choice to have after-sales service brand, so that convenient repair consultation and so on.

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