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How does a doctor select a stethoscope?
Dec 27, 2017

A doctor will consider three aspects in selecting a stethoscope--size of chest piece, material of chest piece, features of PVC tube.


Generally speaking, the sound effect of bigger and heavier chest piece is better than smaller and lighter chest piece of stethoscope. However, stethoscopes with smaller chest pieces are more convenient to carry.Therefore, the size of the chest piece should be based on the clinical needs. At present, the diameter of the chest piece of the stethoscope is almost 45-50 millimeters. The speical diameter of the paediatric chest is generally 30 millimeters, and the newborn is 18 millimeters.


The material plays an important role in the sound effect. The sound is transmitted through air or material, which eventually turns to heat energy. The transmission of sound waves is hardly attenuated in heavy metals, and tends to decay in lighter metals or plastics. Therefore, high grade stethoscope must be made of heavy metals such as stainless steel .


The acoustic line is also very important. Now material of stethoscope tube generally PVC. The international standard length is 27 inches. The sound effect of tube with greater diameter, shorter length and thicker wall is better.

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