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Functional characteristics of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring instrument
Oct 31, 2017

ECG: Each measure of blood pressure at the same time recorded a 20-second ECG waveform, forming a blood pressure/ECG double monitor.

Pulse wave: The review of pulse wave holography for blood pressure monitoring can be used as a reference for doctors to evaluate the degree of vascular flexibility in patients.

Infrared Transmission: Monitor information playback using infrared transmission technology, to avoid the occasional fault in wired data transmission, resulting in 24-hour data loss.

Pressure range: 10-300mmhg, precision ±2 mmHg, pressure measurement interval arbitrary settings.

Analysis software: Easy to operate, convenient, good user interface. A variety of analysis charts, (text, trend, histogram, elevation, correlation, day and night Extreme map, statistical map, ECG).

Measurement principle: Using oscillating wave method, filling and discharge gas quickly, noise-free, anti-interference ability is strong.

Measurement parameters: can be measured systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, mean pressure, heart rate and heart wave.

Hint tone: During the daytime, the measurement is preceded by a beep code, reminding the subject to keep fit to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. During the night time, the instrument is in mute condition, which reduces the interference to the patient.

Memory storage: Before the original record is cleared, the disassembly battery does not affect the existing data in the recorder, and has the function of self maintenance after power off.

Saving consumables: Good energy-saving, 2 section 5th charge (or alkaline) battery, can measure 150 times blood pressure.

Sleeve anti-stripping: fan-shaped design, suitable for Asian arms, pure cotton high weaving sets, the wearer comfortable, and the cloth can be washed alone or high-temperature syrup disinfection.

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