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Detailed explanation of puncture procedure for IV cannula
Dec 05, 2018

Scope of I.V. catheter application

1. wash hands, wear gloves, assess the operating environment.

Reminder: remove the packaging and check. Determine whether the sealing clamp or movable clamp is not closed and whether the connection of heparin cap or needle-free closed infusion joint is firm. Remove end cap (if present) to connect infusion sets or other connector products. Exhaust. Prepare for puncture site.

2. A hand-held catheter holder. Gently remove the guard cap from one hand vertically.

3. Hold the needle wing and catheter holder separately, rotate the core loosening around and avoid moving up and down.

4. The skin of the needle is 15~30 straight.

5. Observe the return of blood in the catheter part, and see that the blood pressure is reduced to 5-15 degrees after return, and then enter a little, so as to ensure that the tip of the catheter enters the blood vessel.

6. The left hand fixed catheter seat extends the long arm, and the right hand holds the needle wing to withdraw the needle core 2-3mm.

7. Hold the catheter seat and put the catheter and needle core into the blood vessel at the same time. Open the governor to observe the drip rate and judge whether the puncture is successful.

8. The left-handed catheter seat is fixed, and the right-handed pin wing seat is at the end. The pin core is withdrawn completely and the safety protection device is activated. Fixed catheter and extension tube were fixed with sterile dressing according to operation specification.

9. The needle core of the activated protection device is disposed in the sharp object collection box.


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